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Helping you fight back after wrongful termination and other illegal behavior

Employment law covers a wide range of topics. Wrongful termination ― firing someone for reasons that are against that the law ― is possibly the most common legal claim that employment lawyers must handle. However there are many other issues that require legal assistance. Sexual harassment, leave for family and childcare needs, retaliation for whistle-blowing and wage violations are legal issues that require an attorney familiar with state and federal employment laws.

The Law Office of George Duesdieker was founded for the purpose of helping Californians get the representation they need for all types of employment law claims. Through a solo law practice, George Duesdieker gives every client’s case the personal attention it deserves.

Protecting you from a hostile work environment and whistle-blower retaliation

Every employee has certain legal privileges in the workplace through a mix of federal and state legislation in California. Our office often deals with cases related to:

There are many aspects to employment and labor law in California. If you have questions and need clarification on your rights in the workplace, speak to an attorney before making any decisions.

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The Law Office of George Duesdieker protects the rights of Californians who face unjust treatment in the workplace. If you have been denied leave, fair compensation or have been wrongly fired from your job, you have legal remedies available to you. Contact us at 650.684.5444 or online for a free initial consultation. We offer contingency fee arrangements, so you do not have to pay unless you receive compensation.