Unemployment Rate Improves to a Six-Year Low

The employment picture for 2015 is much sunnier than originally anticipated during 2014. The state Employment Development Department reported that they added an additional 67,300 jobs. Currently, state-wide unemployment is at 6.9 percent, which is a six-year low. The last time that it was lower was in 2008 at 6.6 percent. The employment rate for the United States is at a seven-year low of 5.5 percent. California thinks that a 3 percent job growth for the year isn’t out of reach.

As employers realize that it is harder to find good employees, they might increase benefits, wages, and relax some rules and regulations. While this may seem beneficial at first, for some employers, it could have negative internal consequences. They must find other places to save money, and that may lead to failure to update machinery, neglecting maintenance, or failing to acquire regulation safety equipment.

As wages increase, they may need to cut costs in other ways, including violating wage and overtime laws. Where employers relax regulations to cut costs, employees may realize that their employer is cutting corners where it may be illegal or dangerous. The potential for reporting the employer will increase, and as will the potential for the employer to retaliate against the employee for whistleblowing.

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