Whistleblowers: Dan Gazzano’s Story

Whistleblowers have begun to receive more attention and media coverage over the years. In 2002, Time magazine awarded “Persons of the Year” to three whistleblowers in honor of their efforts to expose scandals involving WorldCom, Enron, and the FBI.

According to a recent New England Journal of Medicine study, whistleblowers often pay a substantial personal price. Nearly 82% of whistleblowers experienced retaliation in the workplace as a direct result for bringing to light that which had previously been unreported whistleblowers are also subjected to social ostracism from coworkers, and undergo tremendous psychological strain.

George Duesdieker is a dedicated attorney who advocates on behalf of the “little guy.” He represents clients in matters involving employment disputes and whistleblowers. George has earned the respect of citizens and lawyers by consistently winning cases that other law firms have turned down. George’s practice is located in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. He has decades of experience defending the rights of employees and exposing the unlawful employment practices of employers.

Whistleblowers: Dan Gazzano’s Story

Check out the following video, “A Whistle Blower’s Challenge – Dan Gazzano’s Story”, where Mr. Duesdieker discusses the case of his client, Dan Gazzano. Dan has come forward and filed a suit against Stanford University. Mr. Gazzano was employed by Stanford University and was terminated for asserting his rights and the rights of his co-workers. Dan’s case is currently pending appeal in Federal Court in California.

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